A new way of circus

Circus is more POP-ular than ever!

Many big circuses have closed recently due to various reasons. This is a very sad development as the traditional circus, featuring a ringmaster who introduced a variety of artistic acts, was established in the latter part of the 18th century. In 1768, an English cavalry officer set up the first modern amphitheatre for the display of horse riding tricks in England. He was the first to create a space where many varied acts were brought together to present a show.

In May 2017 Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey had its final performance and 146 years of circus history has come to an end by the closing down of this beloved circus. This wonderful institution may not be touring any more, but it lives on in the hearts and imagination of children and adults of all ages everywhere!

The closing of circuses makes us very sad and we would like to keep the tradition of these performances alive in a different way.

We, Anja and Peter Sersch, have a dream. We would like to share our idea with the world. As we are balloon artists it is our dream to build a big Balloon Circus World, somewhere in the world. We would love to create a world of experience made out of balloons, where the visitors can walk through.

Balloon Circus World will be a circus, completely made out of air filled latex balloons. A team of international balloon artists from all over the world will build this Balloon Circus World and bring it to life.

Essentially the Balloon Circus Work consists of six different themes, means six different tents.

Where and when

Balloon Circus World should has no date set yet and we haven't picked a location yet. If we find a big sponsor the sponsor can decide where the location for Balloon Circus World will be.

Support Programm

It is a matter close to our hearts to not only to open Balloon Circus World to the public and give as many people as possible the opportunity to experience this amazing event, but to support local groups too. Therefore we will give 10% of the profit we make after taxes to an organisation that supports animals (sanctuaries for retired circus animals, wild life protection, etc.) and to a local group that supports children (orphanage, children’s hospitals, or groups that take care of poor children, etc.).

As soon as we know where Balloon Circus World takes place – and this can be everywhere in the world – we will contact the press and these groups can apply. With the help of the local mayor we will decide which group needs support the most.

Don't miss our Gala Dinners in the evenings

In the evenings, after Balloon Circus World is closed for the night, we offer a Gala Dinner in the Main Tent.

A fun butler will guide our guests through the evening and between the courses circus performances will take place. As there is only limited space in the Main Tent this will be limited to 100 tickets per evening. Balloon Circus World is open to our evening guests.

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Experience with all senses

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Experience Balloon Circus World with all senses

We would like our guests to experience this unusual Balloon World with all senses and to remember this for the rest of their lives

Everywhere in the tents will be sounds and smells, which will underline the themes they are used at

The balloons can be touched, but not destroyed on purpose. There will be workshops outside the building where our guests will learn from balloon artists. In these workshops every visitor can twist his/her own balloon dog and take it home.

To optimize the use of the Balloon World while it is build we offer a gala dinner in the evening in the main tent. The catering will be done by a catering company, which needs to be chosen. The choice of the courses will be circus related. A fun butler will guide our guests through the evening and between the courses there will be circus performances.

Popping Party

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Popping Party

The last evening of the Balloon Circus World will conclude with a “Popping Party” to remove all the balloons used to build this unique world.

These many balloons take quite a while to be inflated, popping them is much faster. As we experienced ourselves how much fun this is and to accelerate the process, we operate a popping party. For this we sell 500 tickets. Every attendee gets a pair of ear plugs because it is getting very loud.

What else to expect

Credits go to Ken Stillman

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What else can you expect


At the entrance you will find a room after a couple of feet where you have tables and chairs, a popcorn and a cotton candy machine. The ring master made out of balloons will be standing in one corner and give you a first impression what is waiting for you in the Balloon Experience World. Here you can chill and take a breath or wait for friends. We offer drinks along with popcorn or cotton candy.

You will be served by waitresses in balloon dresses. In this room you can take pictures at a photo booth with a large popcorn box made out of latex balloons for a small fee and you can take it right away.

Artists and Circus Performances

A lot of our balloon artist colleagues are artists or clowns too. They ride the unicycle, do stilt walking or do other things in their balloon shows. We would like them to be a part of the build of the Balloon Circus World and have them as artists and clowns as well. Everywhere in the Balloon Circus World you will see stilt walkers, unicycle riders, jugglers, clowns and more. These artists will perform in our program that runs several times during opening hours in the main tent. For the performances we will lift the balloon sculptures that are sitting in the main tent up in the dome with a cable pull. There will be no additional fee for the circus performance.


An excursion like this makes you hungry and thirsty. That’s why there are Food Trucks in front of the building that offer salty and sweet, even vegan and vegetarian food. Provided with this you can sit down in the first room, where you will be welcomed by the circus director.

Guinness World Records

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Guinness World Records

It’s not every day you work with that amount of balloons, therefore we apply for an entry in the Guinness World Records. After consultation with the Guinness Book of World Records they decided the Balloon Circus World to be in the category “Largest 3D Balloon Sculpture”.


To make Balloon Circus World happen we need partners that invest in Balloon Circus World as the upfront costs for locations, insurances and more have to be covered. We have different categories to be sponsored and different partner packages. Exclusive partnership for one category is possible.

Details about becoming an investor for Balloon Circus World

We are also open to investors or companies that want to do Balloon Circus World under their name as long as we remain the organizer. If you would like to know more about these possibilities please send us an email to Info@BalloonCircusWorld.com

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About Us

The planing and organisation is done by three Balloon Artists.


Anja Sersch

Anja is a full-fledged computer specialist. In 2013 she started twisting balloons and make balloon decorations for several occasions. Anja is responsible for our websites and takes photos on every event and makes videos. For Balloon Circus World she is taking care of the financial overview, planing and organizing.


Peter Sersch

Peter is also a computer specialist by origin. After meeting Ralf Esslinger, a German balloon artist in 2013 he started twisting balloons and started his balloon business in 2014 in Germany. He is the man with a vision in Balloon Circus World and he came up with the idea.


Ken Stillman

Not sure who Ken Stillman is? He’s only one of the best balloon architects on the planet :-) As an author and lecturer, he’s had the privilege to travel the globe sharing his ideas and designs with balloon decorators and entertainers from all over the world. He is a true visionary in his own right. Ken has revolutionized the balloon industry with his ideas from Fantasy Princesses to Awesome Bouquets that were both featured in Balloon Magic magazine. His Hitch Hiker design is used on a daily basis by balloon artists everywhere. Ken rocked the balloon world with the release of his Super Hero DVD series.

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